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Grammar Translation Method (Journals)

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  1. A Brief Analysis on the Application of the Grammar Translation
  2. A Contrastive Study of Grammar Translation Method and Communicative Approach in Teaching English Grammar
  3. A Study of Teacher and Student Perceptions Concerning Grammar-Translation Method and Communicative Language Teaching 
  4. Effective grammar teaching in ESL classroom
  5. English Language Teaching through the Translation Method at Secondary level Education in Bangladesh
  6. Establishing a Comprehensive English Teaching Pattern Combining the Communicative Teaching Method and the Grammar-Translation Method 
  7. Grammar Translation method and Direct Method in Teaching Reading at LPIA Margonda Depok (A Comparatve Study)
  8. Learning and Teaching Foreign Laanguage; Grammar Translation
  9. Should Foreign Language Teaching be Supported by Mother Tongue
  10. The Effect of using Native Language on Grammar Achievement and Attitudes toward Learning of Basic Stages EFL Students in Jordan
  11. The Grammar-Translation Method
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