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Persuasive Strategies (Discourse Analysis) S1 Thesis

Penulis : citra priski on Thursday, January 30, 2014 | 2:38 AM

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  1. The Use of Persuasive Technique by Barack Obama in His P olitical Speeches in the 2008 USA Presidential Primaries. Detail
  2. Persuasive Strategy Used By David Cameron In His Political Campaign Speeches During 2009-2010 United Kingdom Prime Ministerial Election Detail
  3. A Discourse Analysis on the Persuasive Technique Used in DRTV Advertisement Detail
  4. Persuasive strategies through the illocutionary acts of Alex, Gloria and Marty in persuading each other in Madagaskar Detail
  5. Persuasive strategies produced by four main characters of Gossip Girl Detail
  6. Persuasive ways used by multilevel marketer of Tianshi Detail
  7. The Persuasive strategies used on the phone by male and female insurance salespeople in Surabaya Detail
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