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Cooperative Learning Sources

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  1. Cooperative Learning Group Activities for College Courses; A Guide for Instructors
  2. Cooperative Learning in The Classroom Putting It into Practice, SAGE, Wendy Jolliffe, 2007
  3. Cooperative Learning The Social and Intellectual Outcomes of Learning in Groups, Robyn Gillies, Adrian Ashman, 2003
  4. Cooperative learning, Kagan Cooperative Learning, Spencer Kagan, 1994
  5. Learning to Cooperate, Cooperating to Learn-Springer US, Robert E. Slavin (auth.), Robert Slavin, Shlomo Sharan, Spencer Kagan, Rachel Hertz-Lazarowitz, Clark Webb, Richard Schmuck, 1985
  6. Teaching Cooperative Learning The Challenge for Teacher Education, State University of New York Press, Elizabeth G. Cohen, 2004
  7. The Teacher’s Role in Implementing Cooperative Learning, Robyn M. Gillies, Adrian Ashman, Jan Terwel, 2007
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