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Using Game in teaching and learning English (S1 & D3 Thesis)

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  1. Teaching Vocabulary by Using Games and Pictures to the Fourth Grade Students of SD Muhammadiyah 22 Sruni Surakarta Detail
  2. Teaching English to the 5 th Grade of SDN Jogosuran No.68 Surakarta by Using Picture, Game and Song Detail
  3. The Power of Games in Teaching Vocabulary to the Fourth Students of SDN 2 Canden, Sambi, Boyolali Detail
  4. Using Games in Teaching Speaking to the Fifth Grade in SDN 01 Tegalgede Karanganyar Detail
  5. Reinforcing students' vocabulary through scrabble game: aclussroom Action research at the grade student of MTS Nurulsalam Pondok Pinang Detail
  6. Improving student's speaking ability through communication games: a classroom research in the seventh grade jubior high school of SMP YMJ, Yayasan Miftahul Janah, Ciputat Detail
  7. Teaching vocabulary through games : a case study at the first grade of smk ymj ciputat Detail
  8. The Efectiveness of teaching vocabolary using hyphoymy games; a quasi experimental study at the first grade of MTs Daarul Hkimah Pamulang acdemic year 2009/2001 Detail
  9. Using games in improving student's vocabulary: classroom action research at seventh grade of Yayasan Miftahul Jannah (YMJ) junior high school Ciputat Detail
  10. Improving Students' Speaking Ability Through Communication Games Detail
  11. Teaching simple past tense by using teams games tournaments (TGT) Detail
  12.  Using Games in Teaching Vocabulary; An Experimental Study at Seventh Grade of MTs. Darussalam, Ulujami Jakarta Selatan Detail
  13. Teaching Relative Pronouns Through Games : An Experiment of the Second year students at SMP Muhammadiyah 2 Tangerang Detail
  14. Reinforcing student's vocabulary through puzzles game ( a pre experimental study at second grade SMPN 1 Jonggol-Bogir) Detail
  15. using Grammatical snakes and ladders game in teaching simple past tense: an action research at eight, MTs Pembangunan UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta Detail
  16. Inproving students' understanding in learning passive voice of present continuous tense through arrange world game Detail
  17. The Effectiveness of After Reading Card Game in Teaching Vocabulary Viewed from Students' Interst; An Experimental Study at the Third Grade Students of SD Muhammadiyah PalurSukoharjo in the Academic Year of 2012/2013 Detail
  18. Improving Students' Vocabulary Mastery Through Board Games; A Classroom Action Research at the Fourth Grade of SDN Cengklik II Surakarta in 2009/2010 Academic Year Detail
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