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Intermediate English Grammar

Intermediate English Grammar
1. First meeting : RPS Download disini
2. Second Meeting :
  • Nominal and Verbal Sentence Download disini
  • Nominal and Verbal Sentence Simple Present Download disini
  • Exercises 
    • Verbal Sentence Simple Present : Positive and Negative Sentence Klik disini
  • Irregular Verbs : Arise, Awake, Bear, Beat, Begin, Bend, Bet, Bite, Blow, Breed
3. Third Meeting :
4. Fouth Meeting :
5. Fifth Meeting
  • Introductory it and there
  • Perfect Tenses
  • Irregular Verbs : Fly, Forbid, Forget, Forgive, Forsake, Freeze, Get, Give, Go, Grind
6. Sixth Meeting
  • Elliptic Sentence
  • Irregular Verbs : Grow, Have, Hear, Hide, Hit, Hurt, Keep, Know, Lead, Learn
7. Seventh Meeting
  • Subjunctive
  • Irregular Verbs: Leave, Lend, Let, Lie, Lose, Make, Mean, Meet, Overcome, Overtake
8. Eighth Meeting
  • Conditional Sentence 
  • Irregular Verbs: Pay, Put, Read, Ride, Run, Say, See, Seek, Sell, Send
9. Ninth Meeting
  • Causative Verbs 
  • Irregular Verbs: Sew, Shake, Shed, Shoot, Show, Shut, Sink, Sing, Sit, Slay
10. Tenth Meeting
  • Gerunds and Infinitives 
  • Irregular Verbs: Sleep, Smell, Speak, Speed, Spell, Spend, Spin, Spit, Split, Spoil
11. Eleventh Meeting
  • Mid-Test
12. Twelfth Meeting
  • Participle  
  • Irregular Verbs: Stand, Steal, Sting, Strike, Strive, Swear, Sweep, Swim, Take Care, Teach
13. Thirteenth Meeting
  • Degrees of Comparison
  • Irregular Verbs: Tear, Tell, Think, Throw, Undertake, Understand, Win, Write
14. Fourth Meeting
  • Direct and Indirect Speech
15. Fifth Meeting
  • Question Tag Word Order and Word Combination
 16. Final-Test

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